The Giants win in a blaze of glory

The San Francisco Giants are world champions for the second time in three seasons.What was thought of as good team with promise in 2010,before and during that year’s playoffs,is now on the verge of becoming a dynasty in 2012.

The Giants did it with pitching especially this season.Their starting pitching and their bullpen were all brilliant in the fall classic.

Zito,Vogelsong,Bumgarner,Cain,Affeldt,Lincecum,and Sergio Romo are were brilliant this series and in the postseason.Romo had to take over for Brian Wilson.All he did was pickup and establish himself as the newest relief star with two saves in Detroit.The Giants gave the mighty bats of the Tigers the deep freeze.The Tigers only scored six runs in four games.

Detroit swept their way into the fall classic and now have been swept out.Pablo Sandoval was named MVP of the fall classic.His game one set the tone.Three homeruns.Two off of Verlander knocked the Tigers for a loop and gave the Giants confidence.

Marco Scutaro the 37 year old journeyman who started the year in Boston then was imported by the Giants from the Rockies got the game winning hit in the 10th by driving in Ryan Theriot.Marco started his career with the Mets 10 years ago.Six teams and 10 years later he is a world champion.

Buster Posey is now this generation’s Thurman Munson.What I mean by that is Thurman was the emotional leader; the clutch and tough leader of the Yankees of the 70’s.Posey is now that type of leader for the Giants!

Buster, whose ankle was destroyed in a collision at home plate in 2011,came back this season in a wave of glory.He has won his second title in three seasons.Moreover Buster will be MVP of the National League with his grand season in 2012.

He had a homerun last night to put the Giants ahead 3-2.His tag of Prince Fielder at the plate in game two kept the Tigers at bay(no pun intended).Brilliant finish for a guy who,outside of maybe Joe Mauer,is the best backstop in the game.

The Giants were down 0-2 to the Reds.They win three games in Cincinnati.They were down 3-1 to the Cardinals.They win game five 4-0 with Zito on the mound and at the plate.Then they take care of business in game six and seven to get to the fall classic as the skies open up in San Francisco at AT and T park in the 9th inning of game seven.Then they go on to sweep the series and make the end of the season as matter-of-fact as any end of the season can be made.

Congratulations to the Giants and the city by the bay.As long as they keep their pitching in tact this team will be heard from in the next few seasons which is a nightmare for the National League and the rest of baseball as well.

Take care.Be well and see you next season!


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