Mad Bum breaks the Amazins’ heart

The cruelty of the wildcard.The Mets were 27-14 down the stretch in 2016. They played with heart and passion to reach the wildcard. However the Mets would be denied by a team that has won the World Series three times in five years, and a pitcher who is the best clutch pitcher of this generation.

The Giants and Madison Bumgarner beat the Mets 3-0 in Citifield. Simply put the game came down to one walk. Jeruys Familia walked Joe Panik. If  instead of walking him Familia gets him out, then the Mets would have put on Connor Gilespie and Bruce Bochy would have had to take out Madison for a pinch-hitter. Yet Panik walked and Gilespie was pitched to; the rest is bad history if you are a Met fan.

Now the question is can Familia get it done in the postseason?! Until he has success that remains over his head. I think Jeruys will be back. Because closers are not easy to find with 100 saves in the past two seasons. As for Cespedes, I want the Mets to re-sign him within reason. He is great! He is not Mike Trout! Neil Walker should be re-signed! Jay Bruce will be a sign and trade. Granderson should be back! Hopefully he hits better with RISP!

Lucas Duda and Wilmer will platoon at first. Reyes will be back. So will Cabrera who was wonderful. Travis d’arnaud has to be moved and the Mets can upgrade at catcher.

The bailey-wick of the team is the starting pitching which the Mets will have a glut of. Noah was wonderful on Wednesday night and is the ACE of the staff at this time.Addison Reed will be back as the 8th inning guy. The Mets have to sure up their team and I think they will make a run at a title in 2017,if they are healthy. Next year Met fans. Pitchers and Catchers report in February..

The Cubs should win the LDS if they win game two in Wrigley. If not there will be Mad Bum on the mound with a 1-1 series. The Red Sox are in trouble and need a 2004 miracle,only Francona is in the other dugout this time!

Enjoy the postseason! The best is yet to be!


The Amazins are playoff bound

Congrats to the New York Mets who were 60-62 on Aug 19th and have gone 27-12 since then. That 27-12 is the best record in baseball over that time and the Mets are now going to host the wildcard game at Citifield on Wednesday night. Their opponent will be either the Cards or the Giants. The Mets got here with the efforts of their pitching and offense,which picked up over the last seven weeks of the regular season. Seth Lugo, Robert Gsellman,along with Colon and Noah Sydergaard form the four arms that will potentially carry the Mets far into October,provided they win on Wednesday night. Add in Familia and Reed to anchor the end of game situations in the 8th and 9th innings. The Mets have a shot should they meet the Cubs in the NLDS.
Cespedes, Granderson, Reyes,Cabrera and finally Jay Bruce have produced down the stretch of the last week of the regular season. The offense is more formidable.However lets mention Terry Collins who kept the team together. Terry did a wonderful job of pushing the right buttons and getting mad and very stern when he had to after the Arizona series at Citifield in which the Mets were inexplicably swept. He probably won’t get Manager of the year, yet he does deserve consideration. Sandy Alderson deserves credit for all of his efforts as well in putting together the pieces from the farm system,(i.e.Gsellman, Lugo, and T.J.Rivera who probably will be the Mets’ second baseman next season if Neil Walker is not re-signed. Now the Mets have a shot to have a memorable October. Lets go Mets!

Final words. Goodbye to Vin Scully who was a master and a genius at calling a baseball game.67 years of excellence! Quite an accomplishment! Speaking of the Dodgers, they blew their chance for homefield against the Nationals when their LDS begins later this week. I still think the Dodgers win because of Kershaw, Wilson Ramos being injured for the Nationals and Steven Strausburg not available for the Nats as well. If the series was the best out of seven, then I would pick the Nats. However all the Dodgers have to do is win one game in D.C.and take care of homefield in Los Angeles.Enjoy October! The drama now begins! Take care and be well!

A heartfelt night in Miami

Life is beautiful and strange! I was very moved by the ceremonies before and after last night’s 7-3 Marlin win. I cried and was upset thinking about Jose Fernandez losing his life at 24. So much to live for. So young and so full of life. Arnold Palmer passed away, and while that was and is sad. Arnold lived a full and wonderful life. With Arnold it is a celebration of life. With Jose it is a tragedy of epic proportions.Jose was active in the Miami community and was going to be a father.This hit me hard and seeing all the Marlins and Mets crying as well added to my sorrow and tears. Being 51 I hopefully understand life. I understand not all of us get time and whatever time we get is luck which should be appreciated and never taken for granted. Jose was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Dose not matter the speed of the boat. Dose not matter who was driving. It just matters that a young man is gone. It just matters that a life and light is out. I love the Mets and I am sorry they lost. However at the end of the game with the Marlins in a circle around the mound and all of them leaving their hats on the mound, it seemed proper the Mets got beat. It seemed proper Dee Gordon hit a monumental blast that went to the second deck. As he rounded the bases tears flowed from his eyes as if his blast was a goodbye and a salute to his friend who now is in heaven. I am not an overly emotional person. I never met Jose. I have never really rooted for the Marlins. However last night was about humanity, loss, healing and love of your fellow man. There are time as humans we connect and the wins and losses don’t matter as much. Last night is one night I won’t be upset about the Mets losing. The Marlins carried the night and the Angel, Jose Fernandez, above guided their hands and hearts to victory. Take care and God Bless.

Moment of truth for the Mets

Meet them in St.Louis or beat them in St Louis. The New York Mets are a .500 to sub .500 team. They are on the fringes of the second wildcard and also are on the verge of being out for all purposes of getting that second wildcard. They are 4.5 behind the Cardinals. If they win then they are 3.5 with an easy,or hopefully easy, schedule on the horizon from late August to early September.
The Mets took game one 6-4 in this series after not having the pitching advantage and the starter(Niese) getting injured after he threw one pitch. Gdsell and the bullpen got it done! You would have thought with degrom the Mets would have been in good shape to have taken two out of three in St. Louis. Now after degrom got bombed again; the Mets are on the fasttrack to next season.
Listen the Mets have had injuries. However so has most teams and nobody feels sorry for you! The Mets now need one of those games! Like they got this past Sunday in San Francisco! Like they got in the series against the Cubs in June in Citifield. Maybe this is asking too much?! Maybe it is a lovely and wayward dream!
Yet if the Mets win tonight and take care of business against Philly and the Marlins; then September becomes relevant. Then September offers hope. However if the Mets lose they are 5.5 out instead of 3.5 and really no hope! I don’t know about Seth Lugo. Also Adam Wainwright has spent part of his very good and underrated career in the nightmares of Met fans from 2006 forward. Yet it is in front of the Mets. Crossroad games make or break seasons and can lead to teams staying together of being split apart. Stay tuned for what will happen.
I have to say I am starting to get impressed by Gary Sanchez. However before he is ordained as the next Mike Piazza, give Sanchez a few more at bats. The Yanks have become a sweet unsung story and could have a storied finish.
Take care and please be well.

One night,not in heaven,for the Amazins

The New York Mets had it all in front of them last night at Citifiled. They were celebrating their 2nd most glorious team of their history(The 1986 world champion New York Mets). The 1986 team, that won 108 games and had a post-season of the ages in 1986, were all there in attendance or being represented by family members for those who have sadly passed on. I listened on the radio and why the ceremonies were  not televised is another story for another time. However on this night it was about remembering the glory of the past and living the nightmare of the present.

First let me say something. I have all out respect for Chase Utley. He plays and has played the game hard and with no excuses and no extensive self-promotion.

While I do think his takeout slide of Tejada in the 2015 LDS was dirty, the fact is Tejada is not on the Mets anymore.The Mets won twice in Chavez Ravine in 2015 to ultimately beat the Dodgers in 2015 where it counts, on the field. With this said I could understand the Mets wanting to retaliate against Utley. Yet what I can’t grasp is the home plate umpire in last night’s game thinking that Noah Syndergaard was throwing at him.

The pitch was nowhere near Utley’s head and/or back. Moreover if the umpire really believed this was Noah’s intention then why not give him a warning! Instead he threw out the Mets’ best pitcher and took all of the air out of their sails.

The Mets went on to lose 9-1, but it really did not matter because after Noah got tossed the Mets were not going to win the game. The feel and moxy of the team had been tainted and strained with Noah’s ejection. The balloon had been popped. Citifield was stunned and reduced to booing Utley who became the uber-villian with two homeruns and great defense in the field last night.

The home plate umpire, in my opinion, gave the Dodgers a gift and now the Mets need to beat Kershaw to win this weekend series. Oh yeah, if Kershaw throws close to any NY met player, does he get tossed?! It would only be fair if that occured. The umpires need to keep their presence out of the game unless needed. They are not the show!

Have a happy and wonderful Memorial day. Take time to celebrate the holiday and remember the sacifice that the brave men and women of generations past made for our freedoms enjoyed today. Take care and be well!

After the fall classic

Congratulations to the Kansas City Royals. They were the best team from nearly start of the 2015 regular season to the finish last night.
They played a “national league” style of baseball. Stealing bases,timely hitting,rock-solid pitching,great relief pitching and lots of guts and fire with brilliant defense.
The Royals took every base and took advantage of D’Arnaud not being able to throw out runners and the pitching not being able to hold runners. The Royals caught the ball and made all the defensive plays needed.
Give kudos to Eric Hosmer,who might be the most underrated player in the American League and even on the Royals. Eric took a chance by,in essence,trying to steal home after Wright took the ground ball with the infield in and went to first after looking Hosmer back to 3rd.
If Lucas made a better throw then the Mets are in KC tomorrow night for game six. Yet Lucas made a bad throw and the momentum switched from the Mets to the Royals, who were going to win the game sooner or later in the extra frames because of the KC bullpen being better than the Met bullpen.
As for the fateful ninth Terry had to remove Harvey after Cain was walked. It does not matter if Harvey was going to retire tomorrow or if Harvey was a member of Collins’ family.
Once Matt walked Cain then Matt was done. Terry,who is a good manager,had a bad series. Ned Yost out managed him. Collins could have pitched out more to prevent the Royals from running wild in this series. I don’t understand the use of Clippard and Reed at inappropriate times. Plus if Terry was going for defense near the end of these games, how about switching Murphy to first taking out Duda and letting Kelly Johnson or Wilmer Flores play second.
Daniel was great the first two rounds of the playoffs. Yet he was not hitting in the World Series. Daniel did not deserve to play the late innings at second if he was not hitting.
Oh by the way I know Cespedes played great in the regular season. Yet his play this postseason was absent at best. Daniel hit and made plays in the NLDS and NLCS. Yoenis was not heard from. You can’t just lock-in one player for north of 25 million yearly for five or six years. Cesepedes was even worse in the field.
The Royals were four outs away against the Astros in game four of the ALDS. They were down 6-2 and won 9-6 to tie up the series. That was the Royals’ moment of truth and they survived. The Mets were challenged by the Dodgers and made it. They took care of the Cubs in easy fashion. Then game one in KC. A 4-3 lead became a 4-4 nightmare after Alex Gordon hit the ball to St. Louis off of Familia. The armor of Familia got dented and his bravado was never the same.
The Mets went on to lose in 14 innings and game one started the Mets on the road to ruin in this fall classic. This does sting because you never know if the Mets can get back.
David Wright has to deal with spinal sten-osis and he will be one year older. Granderson played great; yet who knows if he can play this way again in 2016. Outside of Familia the bullpen has more questions in 2016 than answers. The starting pitching will be fine. Yet the bullpen,defense and offense now has to be sured up.
Who knows maybe the Mets will be back in 2016 as the Royals were this season from 2014. For now tip your cap to the Royals who are Baseball’s best and a worthy champion at that!
Take care,be well and see you next season.

It will be the Mets and Royals in the fall classic

The New York Mets and the Kansas City Royals will meet in the 2015 World Series starting Tuesday night in Kansas City Missouri. The Mets dispatched of the Chicago Cubs in very matter-of-fact fashion in four games. Lucas Duda hit a homerun and went 3-4 in the 4th game with five RBI’s. Daniel Murphy,the series’ MVP, went 4-5 in the final game and hit a round-tripper for his 6th homerun this magical postseason. Jacob deGrom who has won three postseason games might or might not open up the fall classic in KC for the Amazins. Yet,to be fair,he has distinguish himself as the Mets’ ace. If Matt Harvey starts then Jacob can be given full rest to come back in game six, after he pitches in game two. As far as the NLCS there is not much to say. The Mets outplayed the Cubs. They beat Arrieta and Lester. Terry out-managed Joe Madden to aplumb. His moves worked perfectly and he now gets a chance to cap off a long-time career as a lifer as a manager,with a chance at a title. The only concern is the health of Cespedes with a balky shoulder. Yoenis did take a shot and hopefully he will be 100%. The Mets have been lead by Wright, Murphy, Granderson,Familia and deGrom so far this postseason. David for his leadership on the field.Murphy with his magical play. Familia,the new Mariano Rivera and deGrom who is 3-0 this postseason. They will go into a tough series with the Royals who finished off the Bluejays last night 4-3 with 2nd and 3rd and nobody out with the tying and winning runs in scoring position. Wade Davis closed the door after a one hour rain delay. The Royals lost in seven to the Giants in KC last October. I think they present the most problem to the Mets. Yet I think the Mets will win the series in seven. Their pitching is deeper and better. Plus the Mets have more depth on the bench. Watch for Conforto,Kelly Johnson and Cuddyer to play significant roles off the bench. Also Juan Uribe could be back as well. The Mets are close and the dream is in their grasp. Lets ‘go Mets!
Take care and please be well.